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Issues Indicators Threshold Current Data Threshold Met Answer to Question
1. Is the economy healthy? 1A. Productivity: Company Revenue per Employee $133,526 $355,899 YES MAYBE
1B. Unemployment rate 2.8% 2.1% YES
1C. Percentage of firms that purchase together, share equipment or personnel 40% 36% NO
2. Is the community healthy socially? 2A. Number of arts or cultural events/performances at public sites 3 0 NO MAYBE
2B. Number of public recreational events 50 75 YES
3. Is the government responsive? 3A. Public perception of government responsiveness through a public opinion survey N/A N/A N/A N/A
Public Health
4. Are members of the community healthy? 4A. Percent of mothers with adequate prenatal care 78.6% 79.5% YES YES
4B. Total chronic disease related deaths per 100,000 population 419.3 N/A N/A
5. Are adequate transportation facilities available? 5A. Road conditions-level of service N/A N/A N/A NO
5B. Percentage of commuters using transit 28% 4% NO
Natural Resources
6. Are local natural resources in adequate supply to meet future needs? 6A. Water consumption vs. supply less than 10% 100% YES MAYBE
6B. Percent use of renewable energy 100% 0% NO
7. Is biodiversity intact? 7A. Size, shape, and composition of wildlife habitat areas large, varied, unbroken, connected large, varied, unbroken, connected NO NO
8. Is energy consumption excessive? 8A. Kilowatts of electricity consumed per 1,000 sq. ft. of developed space N/A 10,693 N/A N/A
8B. Therms of natural gas consumed per 1,000 sq. ft. of developed space N/A 695 N/A
Environmental Quality
9. Is the local environment healthy? 9A. Water quality in ground waters 100% safe, zero violations 100% safe, zero violations YES YES
10. Is the regional environment healthy? 10A. Watershed water quality index Ranking 1 Ranking 1 YES YES
10B. Open Space and Recreation Plan in place? YES YES YES
11. Is waste generation reasonable? 11A. Total solid waste per capita 2,804 36,630 NO NO
12. Are wastes recycled? 12A. Percentage of solid waste recycled 46% 0.03% NO NO